Sakurahime Kaden Chapter 3- Meeting Kohaku! Those Who are Human, and Those Who Aren’t

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 Please thank Aerandria for the translated scans of Sakurahime Kaden. They did a wonderful job, didn’t they? 


From here on out, I’ve decided to blog Sakura Hime Kaden, since I’m a big Arina-sensei fangirl…don’t even get me started. Anyways, this chapter was oddly cute, despite Aoba being a serious asshole (am I the only one who really wanted to throw him all the way to Timbuktu?)  So, here we go!



As some of you remember, we were left off with Aoba shooting Sakura with his arrow. Sakura doesn’t seem to have enough sense to know that you don’t pull an arrow out of it’s wound, and does so. On impulse, Aoba tries to go over to save her, but is stopped by the councilor, who reminds him what Sakura is. Just when Aoba is about to finish her off, Byakuya comes in and saves the day (dramatic trumpets). Byakuya is disappointed in him, and tries to stop him by telling him Sakura is the only one who can protect them from the demons. Aobo snickers and says that Sakura is a demon that never ages or dies, something Sakura didn’t know herself. He also tells of how Sakura’s mother was the same, and wonders how Sakura won’t betray their land like her mother did. Byakuya orders the princess to leave, and Sakura hurriedly makes her escape. Sakura apparently can’t “see well” and trips. Heartbroken from the previous events, she accidentally slips off the cliff she had been sitting on, falling to the waters below. When she is drowning, Sakura seems to give up and apologizes to Asagiri. Asagiri, not as willing to give up, transforms into the Snow Woman, ad follows Sakura. The princess says “It’s odd…you’re the Snow Woman…but you’re so warm.” The Snow Woman hugs her and tells her everything will be alright, and that Sakura taught her how to be warm.

Elsewhere, Kohaku, a cute little ninja-girl, is running off, trying to defeat her long time enemy, Akadama. Kohaku is very clumsy, though, and falls into the very waters where Sakura has. Kohaku spots the princess in the water.

Sakura is reminiscing of when Oumi praised her love poem to Aoba. Sakura manages to wake up to a concerned Asagiri. Seeing her love poem to Aoba, she realizes that Aoba shooting her was no dream. Sakura begins to cry over how  ‘stupid’ she is for not realizing that Aoba had hated her this entire time. Kohaku appears in front of the princess, and makes her grand introduction, revealing that she is the daughter of the eighth leader of the ninja village, and her master is Aoba. Sakura worries Kohaku was sent to retrieve her, but it seems Kohaku has no clue that Sakura is wanted.  Apparently the princess had a nightmare for three days and nights, and her wound was incredibly severe. Sakura thanks Kohaku for saving her, and Kohaku blushes.

Suddenly, a frog named Hayate (who is Kohaku’s childhood friend) pops out and says that Sakura could just leave since her wound in healed up. Sakura freaks out from the talking frog, Asagiri attempts to ride him, and Hayate explains that Kohaku–being the clumsy girl she is–cast a spell on him, and that he is really 100% human. Hayate knows that Sakura is the wanted princess, but doesn’t have any desire to turn her in, and tells her she should probably leave when she feels up to it. Sakura checks on her wound, only to see it’s been all cleared up.

Sakura is very confused if she is like a cold-hearted demon, or a good-natured person who wants to protect the people she cares for. These thoughts are outruled by Sakura’s hunger that is reawakened when Kohaku comes back and mentions soup.  Kohaku informs Sakura that all of her siblings died, and she is the only heiress left to her family. Kohaku plans to become the leader, but to do so, she must be the strongest in the village. “Wonderful, Kohaku!” is how the princess responds.   

Akadama is the one who Kohaku wants to defeat so she can gain the admiration of her people. Suddenly, she stands in a defensive position. A wolf has appeared up on a cliff overhead. Sakura staggers; Kohaku manages to catch her. When she does, Sakura momentarily succumbs to her demonic self, and notices Kohaku’s flesh looks delicious. The princess snaps out of it, horrified, and runs away from Kohaku. Kohaku follows her, but Sakura threatens her, saying she’ll kill Kohaku if she comes near her. Her sword acts on its own, and it attempts to really kill Kohaku. Sakura yells out, “No!”. Kohaku substitutes herself for a plank of wood.

Kohaku explains to the princess that she knew all along that Aoba wanted her dead, and that Sakura is really a good person, because she never wanted to kill Kohaku. Sakura tries to convince Kohaku otherwise, but she fails when Kohaku tells her that she is different from demons, because she cared for Aoba and her. The two hold each others hands.

Back at Akadama’s nest, they prepare to take the hawk down. Hayate divulges that Kohaku is probably even stronger than their current leader. The only downside is…she’s too clumsy for comfort. Kohaku was fighting a dead hawk instead of the real thing. The real Akadama eats Kohaku momentarily before she slips out. Worried, Sakura and Hayate order her to stop, but Kohaku refuses, because she doesn’t want to become leader by defeating Akadama, but she wants to become a great ninja. Kohaku ends up losing Akadama.

Sakura transforms, and tells Kohaku to let her go defeat Akadama alone. Kohaku hesitates, because if Sakura goes, there is the risk of her being caught by Aoba. Sakura undestands her true feelings, and wishes to become a great princess and protect her people. Kohaku goes along with Sakura, deciding to protect her.

The two arrive at the crime scene *enter classic mahou-shoujo intro* Aoba appears, and it is revealed to be a trap. He lured Akadama in by his flute that brings out a demon’s hunger. He begins to play the flute in front of Sakura…


This was actually a pretty good chapter (despite all of the emoing Sakura moments and Aoba trying to be the hero, but ending up being the antagonist), especially Kohaku’s moments. I officially declare Kohaku my favorite SHK character (gomen, Asa-chan)!





Tsk, tsk… doesn’t she know never to pull out an arrow from your stomach? And I thought that was elementary those days…Okay, just a little heads-up, I’m gonna be seriously pissed at Aoba-Han throughout this chapter, so it’s best to avoid my venting.


Well, at least we all know that he’s not that shallow…but even then, he’s probably mistaking his crush on her as being under her ‘spell’ or something. *shakes head*




I guess I can blame some of it on the councilor…but still, I can’t help but want to slap him over the head. Dammit, he’s not even smart enough to remember he can’t kill a ‘demon’ with his flimsy bow and arrow.



Thank you, Byakuya, because at this point, it seems like you’re the only honorable, well-judged character in this story (I guess I shouldn’t say that when Sakura-hime is injured, and all).




Ooh, like a knife through the heart…he really does like to make things worse than they really are, huh?




Aw, don’t cry, Sakura-hime. *Glomps* you’re not really a monster, just a misunderstood moon princess!


Wow, a cliff…kinda cliché














Kya~ Kohaku-chama is wet!!




Just to clear something up, I don’t hate Aoba…I’m just severely frustrated with him. I used to hate Taka-chama, but after I heard his story, I learned a little Arina-sensei lesson, and decided never to decided my feelings on one of ‘those characters’ too quickly.


Unlike that, I dislike Oumi. Because not only did she out-blatantly lie about her friendship with Sakura-hime, but she also admitted her true feelings of her weakly. She just follows what other people say (can somebody say “stereotypical”?) and probably needs to be pwned by Sakura-hime just to learn something.


Of course, I may learn to like her, but I’m staying by my dislike for her until her character is redeemed.




Ah, the classic intro scene. With Kohaku-chama. In a super cute pose. Ahhh~











Dammit, Asa-chan! Don’t just go and do cute things after an image of blushy Kohaku-chama has appeared! Arina-sensei is really outdoing herself with all of these newer characters~♥ (Don’t we get a cute “Kero-Kero” from Hayate? Please?)









Who better to brighten the mood but Kohaku-chama, and the poisonous mushroom soup? Really didn’t see the “Kyo Ho Ho!” laugh coming…




Yeah, Kohaku-chama! You go get that three-headed, flying-rat wannabe!!





Oh no! It’s demonic Sakura-hime!




Hey…isn’t Sakura-hime 14 years old? I just noticed it, but it looks like Kohaku is the fourteen year old, and Sakura is 16…also, where did she get the katana? I’m not being critical, I’m just saying…did she have that before? Actually it makes her look kinda badass…




See? This is what I like about Kohaku-chama: she can see the good inside Sakura, even when she can’t see it in herself. It’s a rare quality that you just don’t see much of in the real world, and it’s these breathtaking characters that just make you want to improve yourself.




My sentiments exactly. Even Kohaku-chama agrees that Sakura-hime is just a misunderstood, kindhearted moon princess.

















Poor Hayate…




*takes out bazooka and blows Bakadama Wannabe out of the sky* NO ONE EVEN THINKS ABOUT EATING KOHAKU-CHAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I’m glad she probably fractured his beak.




She just wants to be a ninja! Isn’t that the Amer—er, Japanese dream?!







Wow…this is the same little selfish brat that was kicking and screaming when she learned she was going to get married. In what must be three days, she’s turned into a (somewhat) selfless, matured princess.


And we also saw a crying Kohaku-chama in the very chapter she appeared. I also loved how she vowed to protect Sakura-hime…okay, Sakura-hime was my second favorite in these pages too.




Even though it’s cliché for shoujo manga, I was happy to see their introduction.









Aoba acts stupid again and decides instead of getting Akadama to destroy his country, he’ll unveil Sakura-hime’s demon side (which is probably stronger than Akadama’s), so she can destroy his country. Yeah. He’s gotta be the smartest guy I know.


Well, I’ve gotten all my ranting out. If Aoba ever becomes a wiser person who actually listens to his feelings once in a while, I’ll probably end up regretting writing this stuff. But until then, I’m happy just looking at Kohaku-chama’s cuteness.


I may not seem like it, but I actually liked this chapter. Sakura-hime’s character developed rather quickly though, and I’m worried that Arina-sensei may be rushing these chapters out. I wouldn’t mind if she took a second vacation, because Arina-sensei certainly deserves it…


Once again, I’d like to thank and give credit to all those at Aerandria for allowing me to use their scans. Please check them out, and possibly become part of their team.

Oh, joy, and we were all looking so forward to seeing the Great Aoba-han, who makes moon princesses cry. And…oh noes! He has a flute! Honestly, Aoba is really stupid. He trapped a dangerous demon inside his country, trying to lure in a person who wants to help the country in the first place. If they hadn’t been able to control Akadama, then he would’ve put his whole country in mortal danger.


I’m looking forward to that possibility in the next chapter. If that happens, I really want to see Aoba-han grovel at Sakura-hime’s feet to save everyone. But… 




Okay, Sakura-hime was my second favorite character in these two scenes because…well, Kohaku and Sakura are a magnificent pair. I may make a countdown of my favorite twosome’s…




You know, it really is a cruel thing to never be able to die. All you can do is live and watch those you love die, instead of going with them. Of course, eternal youth is strived for, but it’s pretty much the same case with death as it is eternal youth. This will certainly cause complications in the future for our possibility that Aoba will stop being a jerk and realize he has a crush on her.




This must be my favorite chapter. I mean, come on! We get Sakura-hime in a Sparkle Shojo Background, and we get blushy Kohaku-chama!




Okay, in this montage, Asagiri is still my favorite character…especially the Snow Woman part of her. *major glompage* Also, there’s little Kohaku and Hayate in the corner!





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Hello, everyone!

My name is Kristal, or preferrably, Krissy. I’m a freshman in college, and I hope to become a doll-maker, or an author.  I have many hobbies, like reading, writing, painting, drawing, and collecting random figurines. As you may be able to tell, I am an otaku.

I have seen/read many manga and anime: Shugo Chara!, Special A, X/1999, Full Moon o Sagashite, Shinshi Domei Cross, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, I-O-N, Time Stranger Kyoko, Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Zombie-Loan, DearS, Rozen Maiden, and Chobits. There are others, but I’m too lazy to include them *sweatdrop*.

My intentions are to blog some anime/manga I find interesting on here. Just a reminder, but I’m doing this for fun, so you shouldn’t take me seriously all the time. I may go into one of my PMSing modes, and that’s a sign that you should be cautious.

Things I’m interested in:

  • Different cultures
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  • Moekkos

Oh, and I’ll probably redesign my blog after a while, so just wait a bit, minna. Happy blogging!